Thought on Tap is organized around themes that span an entire school year. Throughout each season, a rotating cast of hosts and guests explore as many aspects of the issue as possible.

The Role of Humanities…

(2018-2019 Season)
In our inaugural season, we explored the role and insight provided by humanities across topics such as resistance movements, the environment, and news and social media. We had guest experts from across the University and community.

Future Visions of…

(2019-2020 Season)
Our sophomore outing involved the future of everything from the city to sex and the body to storytelling.


(2020-2021 Season)
Our third season began in the wake of a still-raging pandemic. As such, we were able to confront troubling legacies of race, medicine, and violence, then consider how we might build better legacies in education, health, and justice. Our Zoom format allowed us to have guests that spanned the world and were experts across a variety of fields.


(2021-2022 Season)
This season, we’re rethinking America, conservative movements, sports and so much more.