May 7, 2020

Future Visions of Food, Culture and Community

On May 7, the seventh and last episode of the second season of Thought on Tap addressed “Future Visions of Food, Culture and Community.” The discussion was facilitated by Bretton Rodriguez (Lecturer of Core Humanities) and featured the following guests: Amanda Burden (Publisher and Editor of Edible Reno Tahoe), Mark Estee (Award-winning Chef and Restaurateur), Tim Healion (Culture and Community Relations Director), and Kerri Lesh (Cultural Anthropology and Basque Studies, Certified Specialist in wine). Questions asked: What does the future of food and how we consume it look like? What will the most viable and sustainable food sources be? How might eating at home and out in restaurants be different after the current health and economic crisis? How can we build/rebuild communities through eating and food practices?