March 12, 2020

Future Visions of Storytelling

On March 12, 2020, the sixth episode of the second season of Thought on Tap addressed “Future Visions of Storytelling” at Laughing Planet. The discussion was facilitated by David Fenimore (Interim Director of the Core Humanities Program) and featured the following guests: David Durham (English, Novelist and Screenwriter), Jessi LeMay (founder of The Folk and the Lore) and Everett George (author of Rez Dogs Start Wailing). Questions asked: At a time when “storytelling” has become a widely used term of art in business, entertainment, politics and education, what does the word “story” actually mean? Are there just as many different stories as there are human beings? What are the notions of stories as escapism versus stories that hold an actual beneficial effect on its readers? Can stories be free or are they restricted to having to only be entertaining? What has been the effect of communications technologies such as print, film, radio, video and the internet on the art of storytelling?