February 11, 2021


Building Legacies of Equity in Education

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Join us on Thursday, February 11, from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. to listen to an illustrious panel of experts in education and public policy as we discuss the importance of establishing equity in education. Then, we will turn to the practical question of how to build a legacy of equity in education in the United States. Finally, we will look at the possible impact that different policies might have in the future.

The way we construct educational systems reveals core truths about our values and beliefs. It also reflects who and what we want to be and support in the future. In the United States, unfortunately, there are massive inequities of representation and opportunity within the educational system. For example, traditionally underserved students – including minorities and students from low-income households – are far less likely to attend a four-year institution than their peers. At the same time, they are far more likely to be suspended, expelled, or drop out of such institutions.

We will tackle such problems as: How does equity in education affect specific individuals, groups, and communities? What is the difference between equity and equality in education? How can we use ideas of social justice and equity to shape our teaching and our course design?