February 13, 2020

Future Visions of Sex and the Body

On February 13, 2020 the fifth episode of the second season of Thought on Tap addressed “Future Visions of Sex and the Body” at Laughing Planet. The discussion was facilitated by Daniel Enrique PĂ©rez (Associate Dean of Diversity and Inclusion) and featured the following guests: Kjerstin Gruys (Sociology), Lydia Huerta (GRI and Communication Studies), Erica Dietlein (Philosophy graduate student) and Faith Thomas (member of Queer Student Union). Questions asked: What impact have new technologies, such as A.I., had on the way people have sex? Why is the youth of today having less sex? What is sex and body positivity? How has the online world impacted body image and the way people have sex? What are some exciting or troubling things about the future visions of sex and the body?