December 9, 2021

Rethinking Conservative Movements

5:30-6:30 p.m.

Woman drinking coffee behind sign for New Conservatism

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No one seems quite able to agree on what “conservatism” is, yet “movement conservatism” has been one of the most profoundly effective political forces in the United States over the last seventy years. In light of this, this panel sets out to answer three broad groups of questions: (1) What is conservatism? An ideology? An attitude? An understanding of history? (2) What is the conservative movement? What (and who) brought it together? And how stable have its goals been over time? (3) What are the futures of conservatism and the conservative movement? Where in the world should we look to see signs of what is coming?

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  • Christina Ladam, Assistant Professor of Political Science
  • Mark Pingle, Associate Professor of Economics,
  • Julian Zaudke, UNR Student


  • Callum Ingram, Assistant Professor of Political Science

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